January 14, 2018

Equal Attitude for All?

I’ve had a bad attitude lately.  Yes, I really have.  Can you actually believe it?!  Those that know me pretty well know that I am usually the one looking at the glass half full, always encouraging folks, and just plain trying to look at the brightest side of things.

This week though, Satan got the best of me.

The worst part was that it was mostly directed at my family!  My co-workers almost always get to see the best side of me, and this week they still did.  But at home, my attitude was terrible; I was ill with my wife, short with my kids, and selfish in my actions towards my family.

I have since apologized to my family for my rotten attitude and they graciously accepted that and we have move on (they are so good to me!). I am fortunate to have a family that loves me no matter what, and a God who loves me even more.

Yet a Real Christian Businessman knows that in order to truly balance your faith with your work, your HOME must also reflect the attitude of what a christian businessman is as well.  I would never be short with one of my customers, or cut off a co-worker in mid sentence when they were trying to explain something to me, now would I?

Use my mistake this week to remember to balance your attitude at work AND at home.  In the end, the attitude that you have inside will come out somewhere, and if your attitude is bad – and you don’t make corrections to it before it comes out – the poison will spill out into your life in more ways than you may ever see.

“Do not owe anyone anything, except to love one another…” Rm 13:8a CSB

“…Love your neighbor as yourself.” Mk 12:31b CSB
(and your family!)


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