It all started with a prompting and a challenge…

Back in late 2010 I started to feel a prompting that I should somehow be using my past and present experiences to encourage others who were trying to balance their faith with their work.

I had just finished spending 18+ years in the secular music industry trying to balance these exact two things, and now while I was working in the Christian Publishing industry all of those experiences I had trying to do this were coming back to mind in a new and completely different way.

I kept feeling like I should start writing a blog.

But I didn’t think I would be any good at it or that it would make any kind of difference.

My superstar wife, who is always very encouraging, challenged me to go ahead and start it. She felt like other people needed to hear my encouragement and would be helped if I was writing a blog.

But I was scared.

Then the challenge came up again when my good friend Jody and his family were visiting in March 2011.  Jody also challenged me to get started writing a blog because he felt other people needed to hear what I was saying as well. He threatened to buy the domain name I had picked if I didn’t buy it and start within a week…

But I bought it before he did, and that is how this all began!

What else about me? My name is Don Mencke, I’m a believer in Jesus Christ, I enjoy studying the Bible,  I currently work for a Christian publisher, I enjoy reading (non-fiction of course), I have a deep passion and love for basketball, I enjoy learning and talking about entrepreneurial ideas with others, and I serve as the “tech support” person for my entire extended family.

I currently live near Nashville Tennessee with my “superstar” wife Devon, two wonderful children and our “best friend” dog Dusty.