April 23, 2017

My Idea!

I was in a meeting several weeks ago, and part of the meeting involved bringing up ideas for new products that we are creating.  Towards the beginning of the meeting I mentioned an idea that was very unique and specific – but no one really acknowledged it and it quickly fell by the way side.

Then, towards the end of the meeting, one of my colleagues spoke up and said, “I have a suggestion” and basically repeated the exact same idea to everyone that I had said earlier in the meeting. But this time, it was amazingly received!

The leader praised him over and over saying, “Wow, this is great! What a unique idea!  Great job! We are going to implement this as a new product for sure!”

It took all that I had to contain myself, because inside I was saying “Me Me! I had that idea first, not him! Give me the recognition!” I wanted to receive the glory for the idea and I wanted everyone in the room to know that I had come up with it in the first place.

Something inside of me though kept bringing the following verse to my mind, and I kept repeating it to myself over and over until the meeting ended.

“When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.” Prov 11:2 (NIV)

This is only one instance of things working out the way that it should for a Real Christian Businessman.  Had I done the opposite (which is what I normally do!), and made sure everyone in the room knew it was MY idea and not his, I don’t think in the long run it would have gone over that well with my co-workers.

Instead, by keeping my mouth closed and reciting this verse quietly in my head I am in a better position today for it all.

I tell you this story not to make it seem like I have it all together, but to show you how using and memorizing God’s word helped me get through a pride issue that rules over me more than I care to admit.

You CAN overcome arrogance, and I’m reminding you today not let your pride cause you to be disgraced in this upcoming week.  Memorize this verse like I did and watch how the Holy Spirit will help bring it to your mind at the exact time that you need it.

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