November 4, 2013

Four Things

I listen to Zig Ziglar a lot.  He always inspires and motivates me, whether he is teaching about how to close a sale or how to be a better parent. Many consider him to be  “old school” (he was 86 when he recently died), but he continues to inspire multitudes as well as myself even after his death.

One thing I have heard him talk about over and over, when asked how he “did what he did” is attributed to his focus on the following four things:

1 – Sensible eating: What are you putting into your body that makes you not feel or perform at your best?  Do you even realize how you feel after you eat something you probably shouldn’t? I just got through shoving handfuls of candy into my body over the last 48 hours. Guess how I have been feeling?  It served as a reminder that what I put into my body will affect how I act and feel.

2 – Exercise: If you want to perform at your peak you must have some type of regular exercise routine.  Whether you walk, jog, swim, play tennis – WHATEVER – your body cannot and will not last or work properly if you don’t use and take care of it regularly.

3- Faith:  An unwavering, sustaining faith in God is what will carry us all through good times and bad.  Being a believer has its advantages!

4 – Don’t worry: this is the one I struggle with the most!  I have a built in worry mechanism that is more active than it is for most of the people I know. I constantly struggle with this.  If I could just focus more on what is going on today, and not worry so much about what I cannot affect or do, my entire life would run so much smoother.

Maximizing these 4 things for a Real Christian Businessman and working on them consistently will revolutionize your life.  I realize that it may be easier said than done (I work on them constantly!), but if you don’t start sometime or somewhere, how will you ever get the most out of life?

“But Jesus looked at them and said to them, ‘With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible’” (Matthew 19:26).

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