March 1, 2012

Are You For Real?

Are You for real?                  

Did I really just say (or do) that?

This is a question that I often ask myself. 

…right after I put my foot in my mouth with my co-worker…  Or immediately following the time in that meeting that I spoke up and it was obvious that what I said did not go over well at all…  Or when I forgot to tell the boss about a promotion I was doing with a customer, and he met with the customer and found out about it from THEM.

Are you for real? 

Did I really just say(or do) that?

It is a hard cruel world out there, and I sometimes find myself discouraged.

Discouraged by the lack of integrity by my co-workers.  Discouraged by the lack of responsibility of others that I work with.  Discouraged by the somewhat ‘average’ work output that I regularly witness.

This blog is here to offer encouragement and advice to men in the workplace. Encouragement and advice for those that need it the most.

You… and me.

This blog is about being REAL.  Being real with Jesus first of all.  Being real with applying biblical principles to our daily lives so that it is reflected in our jobs.  Being real with ourselves.  Being real with our family.  Applying that realness specifically to our vocation, all the while remembering who the true King is and who it is we REALLY work for. 

This is about being a Real Christian BusinessMan.   Real when it counts. Real when you are not feeling like being real, but real when you HAVE to be real.

I won’t have all of the answers (if I end up having any!), but I WILL offer you encouragement and help from my journey over the years.

Encouraging you.  Encouraging you to pray.  Encouraging you to be faithful. 

This blog is for you.

So together, we can both try to be —- a Real Christian BusinessMan.

Are you willing to walk that journey with me?

One Comment on “Are You For Real?

March 3, 2012 at 8:34 am

Thank you man!! This is exactly what I need right now — encouragement. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to hearing more.


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