September 24, 2017

Gratitude x2

How thankful are you?

I mean –  how thankful are you – really?

Gratitude has come to the forefront for me recently since I had my cataract eye surgery and my vision has been restored.   As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t realize how bad my eyesight was getting until I had it corrected.  I can see 20/15 in both eyes now AND my vision is clear (not cloudy)!  This is truly amazing as I wake up every morning almost in shock as to how well I can see.

How grateful are you for some of the things you already have?

Does this gratitude show up at your workplace?  Or do you walk around grumpy and complain about everything (something?!) all day?

I am thankful for my job. I am thankful for the mentors and people in my life that have guided me over the years to make me as skilled in my job as I am today (You all know who you are! Shout out to LC, DB, C Eddy & Mike D in particular for believing in me early on!).

I have friends, family, a wife who loves me just the way I am, great people I get to work with (really they are!), a job that is very fulfilling, an understanding boss, a great paycheck, a house, car, the list goes on and on.

But Satan wants us to always look for the things that are wrong; The things we don’t have.  He wants us to spread this ungratefulness around at our workplace, so others will not be content.

A Real Christian Businessman rises above this and is an example of gratitude at work.  We show by our words and deeds that even when we think we “don’t have enough” we actually have more than we ever thought we should have. (My vision was restored, remember?!?!)

So take a moment, even for a second.

And be grateful for what you have.

And let this light shine through in your workplace – so others can see God’s light shine through YOU.

The light of gratitude.

“ Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1:17 CSB


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