July 16, 2017

Order & Responsibility

Lately things have been pretty busy for me at work.  There have been lots of projects that needed to be completed,  “strategic planning” sessions, meetings (and more meetings), along with managing people and others expectations.

How is it going for you at work these days?

Are you struggling to get everything done?

Are you getting it all done but not sure anyone is even noticing what you are doing?

Are you doing what you are supposed to be doing or lately have you been letting some things go?

A Real Christian Businessman knows that you must fulfill your obligations at work so that things run more efficiently and that other people’s work that is related to yours can also be completed.  It is our responsibility to do so, and to do it in a way that it is helpful to others!  How many times have we seen someone else at work not pulling their weight or taking advantage of situations, putting all of our assignments from being completed in jeopardy because of their actions?

Staying on top of our responsibilities and getting things done is something we all need to do, but especially as a Real Christian Businessman.  Others are watching how we do our work.  We have an extra set of eyes on us other than those directly affected by our actions to see if we will get our part done.

The Bible teaches us that work is good, and also that we need to be aware of what our responsibilities are and how what we do affects others in what THEY do.  We have an ultimate responsibility to do the best we can, all the while remembering who we are ultimately working for:

“Whatever you do, do it from the heart, as something done for the Lord and not for people,” Coll 3:23 CSB

This serves as a reminder today to make sure you are getting done what you are supposed to be getting done at work.  Don’t leave gaps for others to be concerned about.  People are depending on you!  But ultimately God is too.  🙂

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