January 15, 2017

Preparing for the Battle

I just got back from attending a business convention in Las Vegas last week and it exposed me to some things that I had not experienced in awhile.  When I decided to take the job I currently have in Nashville TN, one of the main factors in my decision was the amount of travel I was currently doing (about 50%) versus the amount of travel that I would be doing (about 5%).

I succeeded in lowering my travel time, now only having to travel for business 2-3 times a year maximum.

During this trip, a few things came up that used to come up all the time while travelling in my previous job:

1 – How easy it is to allow your eyes to wander when you are in an airport or at a hotel/convention.

2 -Keeping myself occupied with “good” things while on an airplane or in my hotel room.

3 – Witnessing unkindness from many of the other travelers and conventioneers.

4 – The attitude that I carry with me while I am away from my family.

Fortunately most of my strategies for dealing with these things came right back to me and I was successful in thwarting any negative actions, returning home grateful and recharged.

For those of you that travel on business, how well do you do with the things listed above?

For a Real Christian Businessman, we have to work extra hard to ensure our eyes are correct, our attitude is right, our actions are acceptable, and our heart is acting properly.  It is very easy to fall into the trap that most everyone else does when it comes to these things above, so I am reminding you today to take heart and know that YOU CAN DO IT and still be a positive influence on others while you are traveling.

“Prepare for battle… Devise your strategy… for God is with us.”  Isa 8:9b-10 NIV

Prepare yourself in advance for what you are to face while traveling.

It is worth the time.


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January 15, 2017 at 12:51 pm

Ponder those feet men!


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