October 9, 2016


I entered into a meeting this week with the wrong attitude.

I came into the meeting with a defensive mindset, ready to battle my pre-determined position on the topic.  I already had decided that whatever the other folks were going to present about the topic, I was going to stand my ground, say no, and not have any part of it.

How well do you think this meeting went?

A Real Christian Businessman must have the correct posture when entering into any kind of meeting or discussion.  And what I mean by correct posture is someone who is OPEN MINDED.

My mind was closed as I had already decided how I was going to react to the information that was going to be presented to me.  It didn’t matter what they were going to say, even if the information they had would make the situation better, I wasn’t going to change the way I looked at it.

God’s way is much different though. And for us to balance our faith with our work, we must display God’s attitude over the one I was having during the meeting I just described.

“The one who gives an answer before he listens– this is foolishness and disgrace for him.”  Prov 18:13 HCSB

God wants us to use the knowledge and brain that he gave us to make good decisions.  But what he frowns upon is when we bow up, have a posture of arrogance, and keep our minds closed to other people’s ideas and opinions before we even hear what is going to be said.

I ended up speaking out on my “pre-determined position” but soon discovered that the information that was being presented made the situation way better than what I had dug my heels in on.  Fortunately, my co-workers overlooked my arrogant mistake and warmly welcomed me into this new point of view.

Don’t start off your next meeting with a posture of closed-mindedness.  Take my mistake this week as an example of what posture to use when you walk into your next meeting.  I’m sure it will turn out better for you than it did for me.


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