August 28, 2016

The Crown

My wife and I absolutely love watching the Olympics.  Ever since we have been married, we have always made it a point to watch the Olympics together.  Sometimes this means staying up late to watch (this year has been no exception to that!).  In 1996 we actually were able to attend and volunteer when the Olympics were in Atlanta (Go Mary Lou!).  This year has been special because our two young children are of a great age for understanding all of the different events, so we have had a great time of “family Olympic watching” with the both of them right by our side.

As our family watched everyone compete, they have had numerous questions about some of the rules as it relates to the events.  Why can’t divers move their hands once they put them down on the platform to do a handstand dive?  Why did they restart that particular track and field race?  Why did they get a penalty on their floor exercise when it looked so perfect?

We were able to explain to them that each one of these events has a very specific set of rules that each athlete must follow.  The athletes are well aware of the rules, and when they don’t follow them they get penalized.

“An athlete is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules”  2 Timothy 2:5 ESV

A Real Christian Businessman must also follow the rules that relate to conducting business to have any sort of long term success.  Not only must we follow the rules of our particular vocation so that we conduct business according to the law, but we have an additional set of rules we must follow – those left for us by Christ.  These involve treating others with respect, speaking kindly to our customers and co-workers, showing up on time, and how we are to react towards others who are less than kind to us, among many others (see my blog archives for more specific examples!).

This week let’s use the Olympics and this verse as a reminder to compete in our job according to His rules.

The outcome will amaze you.

It amazes me all the time.


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