August 14, 2016

Super Thinking

How much time do you spend doing stuff?

You know, responding to emails, packing your lunch, preparing for meetings, talking on the phone, sending a text, etc.

How much time do you spend thinking?

And when I say thinking, I’m talking about sitting alone thinking, no noise, no TV, nothing but you, silence, and your thoughts.

Which one is easier to do?

Henry Ford once said that thinking is one of the hardest things to do and that is why not many people in the world do it. He ensured that each of his days was laid out so that he had plenty of time to think – and look how successful he was.

Leading universities require professors to lecture as few as five times a week so that they have time to think.

Moses frequently went off for long periods of time to think and pray.

And of course Jesus gave us the ultimate example by frequently going off for long periods of time to think and pray.

“But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.” Luke 5:16 NIV

A Real Christian Businessman needs to look at these examples and take the lead on thinking – by carving out time to just sit and think. I personally find this practice to be one of the most difficult things to do on a regular basis! My mind is always racing, thinking about the next thing I should be doing, how should I react to an upcoming situation, or what my day is going to be like. Constant, constant thought.

Yet the Bible clearly teaches us that to be the MOST successful we can be, God designed us so that when we clear our minds and let our thoughts calm down it optimizes our entire person. It helps us not only grow closer to God (to gain his wisdom in our thinking- imagine that power!), but helps us to piece problems together, work out solutions, to plan, and to basically do some “super thinking”.

I have made it a regular practice to try and do super thinking the first thing in the morning before everyone in my family gets up. I know someone else who does it towards the evening when things start to calm down. No matter when it is done, it is something I am encouraging you to try!

When is a good time during the day for you to do some “super thinking”?


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