January 17, 2016

Keep It Simple

I was reviewing my 2016 goals for the year with a good friend of mine this week (by the way, have you written down YOUR goals for the year yet?). I noticed as we were talking that many times we can make things so complex when it comes to our goals that we never even attain ONE  goal we set out to accomplish.

Making my goals list too complex describes me very well.

I like to get so detailed and complex that in the end it usually takes me 10 minutes just to read over my goals for the year.

Then I don’t ever read them much.

And I don’t ever get near achieving them.

This year though, I made an effort to make everything simpler as it relates to my goals. I was going to have one overarching goal to try and achieve, based on what I heard recently from Bryan Harris (of the company videofruit):

“What is your singular focus?

What is the one thing that if it DRASTICALLY changed in 2016 would make an insane difference in your life?”

I modified this approach slightly and I decided to have three basic overarching, specific goals, and work towards achieving those. Day in day out, I look to make sure all of my effort is funneling up to these three goals – .making sure along the way I don’t get distracted by other things that usually bog me down.

A Real Christian Businessman knows that you have to set goals, but even better than that, they need to be goals that you can actually wrap your head around and understand! Not complex, hard to understand, unachievable goals, but simple, well defined goals that serve as guides that can be followed daily weekly, and monthly.

“Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.” Hab 2:2 ESV

How have YOU done defining your goals for this year? Are they complex, or simple, plain, and understandable?

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