December 6, 2015

I’m Done

I had a project due this week at work.

And I didn’t get it finished.

I kept working on it.
Going back to it.
Doing more research.
Rewriting a part or two.
And I missed the deadline to turn it in.

Have you ever done this?

Have you ever gotten a report, or task almost done (like 90% done), then kept going back and re-writing it, adding something to it, refining it, or re-building it?

Perfection is not when there is no more to add but when there is no more to take away.- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The skill of knowing when to be “done” is not always easily identifiable.

We always want things to be just ‘right’. But perfection is something that is hard to attain. Many times we just need to keep working, be diligent, and finish what we started.

Nehemiah gave us a good example of this.  He didn’t stray from the task of rebuilding the wall, even though others kept interrupting him. Even though he was faced with many distractions, he stayed on point and finishing what he started as planned.

 So the wall was finished on the twenty-fifth day of the month Elul, in fifty-two days. And when all our enemies heard of it, all the nations around us were afraid and fell greatly in their own esteem, for they perceived that this work had been accomplished with the help of our God.” Nehemiah 6:15-16 (ESV)

A Real Christian Businessman has to know when to be done with something.  He needs to know when to meet the deadline instead of continually doing tweaks to try and improve it.  Don’t overlook the obvious like I did. Use Nehemiah’s example and look to God for help to finish what you started.  Turn it in on time and be glad in the fact that you  actually “got it done.”

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