May 10, 2015

The Ultimate Currency

I recently attended a leadership event called Leadercast (formerly known as the Chick-Fil-A Leadercast). It is always a great thing to sharpen up my leadership thoughts and ideas – stuff that can make me a better person overall.

During one of the sessions, Bill McDermott, the CEO of SAP (one of the largest software companies) said one thing that stuck in mind that day. He said, “Trust is the ultimate currency.” He went on to talk about the fact that this one factor is the factor that will allow you to lead or to be lead, because it is the underlying quality that affects almost everything.

Peyton Manning also spoke that day, and re-counted a story in which he went in to the huddle for the first time as a freshman at the University of Tennessee; at a time they were losing pretty badly. Both of the other quarterbacks had gotten either injured or were not performing well. When he got into the huddle he promptly told everyone “Guys, I’m going to lead us down the field and score a touchdown.” A senior tackle immediately looked at him and said, “Rookie, just call the plays and shut your mouth.” (Harsher words were spoken according to Peyton). Peyton had not earned their trust yet, and he was quickly smacked down for saying anything at all before doing so.

Do you do what you say you will do?

Can you be trusted to take care of the assignment that has been given to you?

When someone confides in you, will you keep it to yourself?

Do you always tell the truth?

These are some of the attributes of being trustworthy, and a Real Christian Businessman knows that having these attributes is a critical component in life. Jesus modeled this for us well while He was on this earth. Jesus was one who people could confide in. He was always truthful. He did what he said he would do (even coming back from the dead!) and taught us by His actions what trustworthiness is.

Our daily lives need to follow this example, and we need to remember that for us to move along in this life the most important currency may not be the one that involves actual money – but may be the one that actually involve trust.

“In all things showing yourself to be a pattern of good works; in doctrine showing integrity, reverence, incorruptibility.” Titus 2:7 NKJV

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