March 16, 2014

God’s Not Dead

I recently attended a movie screening for the upcoming movie that is being released on March 21st entitled God’s Not Dead. It is the story of a college freshman who finds his faith challenged on his first day of Philosophy class by his dogmatic and argumentative professor – a man who claims he doesn’t believe in God. The movie was well written, the acting was good, and it had a great plot.

I am writing this blog post specifically to encourage you as a Real Christian BusinessMan to take your family and go see this movie on opening weekend.

I want to make it clear I am not getting paid for this endorsement nor do I have any financially vested interest in getting you to see this movie. I DO have a vested interest in seeing God’s word spread to those that may not believe in who He actually is. These are my two simple reasons for asking you to attend:

1 – It is a high quality, Christian movie that is on par with other Hollywood films that are being made now and that you already see.

2 – If we as Real Christian Businessmen do not support movies like this (especially during the week of release), these types of films will not be made any more.

Note: Going the weekend of release is critical to the success of how a movie will do long term, how the theatrical company will be judged, and what the expectation will be going forward when it releases to DVD.

With as much junk and mess that we see every day on the screens , its time as leaders in our homes, church, and community for us to support something that will actually make an impact on others.

So take this as a challenge. Watch the 2.5 minute trailer here , go to the website here and figure out which theater in your area is showing it, and plan to take your family to see this movie when it releases.

You won’t regret it.

And you will be helping to continue to spread God’s message of love to people everywhere.

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