April 28, 2013

Something Critical

Many times we think we are doing such a great job.  We have experience, foresight, accomplishment, tenure.  If something that we are knowledgeable about needs to be done, we already have an upper hand at knowing how to complete it.

This could be at work – we have a presentation that is due, or a report that has to be completed and we feel that no one could do it better than us.  Asking for feedback on this isn’t needed right? We already know what we need to do.

This could be also be at home – raising our kids, washing the dishes, repairing something that is broken, we just KNOW that our way has to be the very best way and that no one could possibly know what to do or how to do something better than we can.


A Real Christian Businessman knows that accepting constructive criticism in ALL situations is what will make him not only a better person, but a better follower of Jesus.

There are many people out there that who are envious of you.  Envious of what you do, your personal success, who you represent, your happy attitude, your whole persona.  They see you as a “threat” to their own success; since you are ahead of them in some way (at least they think you are ahead of them!).  They want to hurt you or see you fail, because that is their very own nature, it is our society, it is how Satan “gets one over on us” all the time.

But just like there is a time for everything (Ecclesiastes 3), I want to encourage you in the fact that there are times we should be willing to accept criticism – and times when we should ignore it.

Improving our lives by hearing things that will make us better is the only way we WILL get better.  If the criticism comes from a source you trust, received it, give it your consideration and don’t be afraid to agree with it or change.  But if the criticism is negative and destructive, and self-serving to the other person, then put it out of your mind and move on!

Listen to the encouragers. Not the unfair, unreasonable critics in this world.

“Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid.”  Prov 12:1

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