January 26, 2013

See it, Say it, Do it

Many times I just go through the motions when I am trying to complete a task. Have you ever done that? I will start doing something without even thinking, and then my mind starts to wander while I am trying to do it. Whether it is washing the dishes, sweeping the floor, starting to reply to an email, throwing a football, running on a tread mill, or even talking (yes I speak before I think – imagine that).

Conversely, have you ever sat back and tried to think about what you were ABOUT to do before you ever did it? Have you ever written out every step you were going to take, and then started methodically taking those steps? How you were going to end up when the task or event was over, how you would be standing, what you would be wearing, how you even got to that point?

This is called visualization.

By being disciplined enough to do this exercise, your chances for success go way up. Great athletes do this all the time. They envision themselves winning the game, making the touchdown, catching the pass, hitting the shot at the buzzer, tackling their opponent, chasing down a competitor, running across the finish line.

Your mind will finish whatever it is you are thinking. That is how it is designed.

So why not have a finish that is successful?

A real Christian Businessman should know that before he begins an assignment, before he replies to an email, before he attends a meeting, if he has thought about what the results of his actions will be the end result will be surprisingly good. If you practice this enough it then becomes second nature. And God will honor this in many ways.

“Wise people think before they act; fools don’t and even brag about it!” prov 13:16 (NLT)

Try this for even one day and your outcomes will change.

Think about it. 🙂

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