October 21, 2012

How much do you miss?

Recently I have been away from my family for several weeks.  I have a new job and we are moving to a different part of the country.  In the end, we will all be together again and spending even more time together (as I will not be traveling much at all anymore), but I miss being around them right now during this transition.

As I am away, I am missing the interaction with my kids, to be able to learn about the little things that they did that day at school, who they saw, the ability to help them with their homework, or to be able to play with them.  I also miss the sweet smile of my wife, her warm embrace, and the great chats we would have and how we would just spend time together.

I’m not writing this so you can feel sorry for me or because I have it really hard right now (although trying to juggle moving, a new job, being away from my family, and trying to find a place to live could use some extra prayers!).  But instead I am writing this to use as an example for all of us in our daily lives.

When you travel, do you connect with your family throughout the day, whether it is via text, phone call, email, Facebook, etc?  Do you appear interested in what they are doing when you speak with them or are you more worried about telling them what you have been doing or maybe trying to correct something they may have done wrong over the phone from hundreds of miles away?

A Real Christian Business Man understands that as he leads in his home and for his family, that he should be thinking about his family even more than he thinks about himself.

Your family needs you.  They need their husband.  They need their dad.  They need the love that only a father can provide (just like the love our heavenly Father provides to us!).

The next time you are traveling, remember to think about your family and to connect to them, their needs, to give them the love and guidance that they need, only in the way that you can.

James 1:19My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,” (NIV)

What will you do differently the next time you are traveling and away from your family?

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