September 1, 2012


“The most important asset that a leader has is not their time, but their enthusiasm that they bring to the organization.” Bill Hybels, Willow Creek Leadership Summit 2012.

When I heard this quote recently at the Global Leadership Summit that I attended, I had to think twice about it.  I had to check myself. How is my enthusiasm at work?  Am I excited around other co-workers?  Do I seem engaged and warm when I am working with others on a project? Am I one that is quick to judge and criticize something and take the excitement out of what we are doing?

“Do everything without grumbling or arguing.”  Phil 2:14 (NIV)

When others around you start to complain, what do you do?  Join in like I do?  Add some additional commentary about how bad things are, or that boss man or woman needs to do things differently, etc.

A Real Christian businessman is one that recognizes that this is not of God or of His ways.  Now you may want to stop reading because you think I make it sound like a cake walk to be like this – but it isn’t that easy I know! At least, initially it isn’t.  It takes discipline and effort to go the “opposite” way that most others are going, especially when it comes to enthusiasm.  But it is VERY possible to do this, as I can attest to its success once implemented consistently.  It takes some time, but you can do it!  Here are some practical tips:

READ:  Read your Bible every day. Ok, if you can’t do this every day at least read ONE Bible verse out loud every day – I know you can make time for that!  By filling our mind with the things like the Bible, it builds up the spiritual armor that we need so that our minds have the ammunition needed to go “the other way” when people start to bring us down.

PRAY:  Everyday.  A short prayer even as little as on your way to work that asks that God keeps you protected and enthusiastic can go a long way.  Don’t overlook what prayer can do for you in all aspects of your life.

SMILE:  Just by physically forcing your mouth to smile even if you don’t feel like it can instantly change your attitude and approach. Try it if you don’t believe me!

WALK:  Walk the other way.  When people start to engage in a conversation that is less than positive, by doing something as simple as excusing yourself from the conversation can make big difference.  You can’t be a downer if you aren’t part of that conversation!

I’m not going to complicate this much more by listing more than these four things.  But if you will just try them, your chances of being more enthusiastic at work will go up DRAMATICALLY. I know because it has worked for me!

Will you try them?

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