May 8, 2012

What are you focused on?

This is a continuation of thoughts and observations from recently attended Chick Fil A one day leadercast that happened earlier this month. My last post was related to this as well – check it out if you missed it.

Today I am going to write about someone that spoke that is currently high in the spotlight.

Someone that is not afraid to put his convictions ahead of everything else.

Someone that understands that he is a role model – whether he wants to be or not.

Someone who realizes that our lives here are short lived, and there is really only ONE who has even granted us the privilege to be here and only asks that we love Him “with all our heart and with all our soul and with all our mind and with all our strength.” Mark 12:30

Tim Tebow.

Hearing him speak, he is a very humble young man.  But what you quickly also realize is this: he is a fierce competitor (as evident in his reactions to when he loses, and the amount of work he puts into his job by constantly trying to get better and better and better at what he does).

But the thing that struck me the most about Tim Tebow was the fact that he feels football is very insignificant.

He even said “Football isn’t the most important thing in life.”

Now if you were the owner of the NY Jets, how would you feel if one of the most talked about, most popular players, that you are currently paying millions of dollars to so that you can win, said that?

Well, what he says after that is even more astounding.

You see, Tim Tebow wants to win when he is playing football more than anyone else on the team.  And Tim Tebow will do anything he can in order to put his team in the position to win, whether he is on the field or not.

What makes him remarkable is that he is SO GROUNDED in the word of God and in loving Jesus and in honoring Him that it comes out in the truest form whenever he speaks.

My biggest take away from hearing Tim Tebow speak, was regarding the question about how he responds to the media frenzy, when people constantly are hounding him about all kinds of things, both on and off the field…

His response?

A very profound choice indeed.

Don’t worry about what you can’t control.  Focus on what you CAN control: Our attitude, our effort, our focus, how you treat your teammates.”

Tim makes a choice to focus on the things that he CAN control.  The media is going to talk about him and squawk about him and say bad things good things all kinds of things.

But I could see in his eyes, and in his response, that he truly has a peace about him that passes all understanding.  One that is rooted in God’s grace and on controlling the things he actually can control.

“Wake up every day and say I can’t wait to get better today, make an impact on someone’s life today, be positive today, be better as a person today,” Tim also said.

How would your life and my life be different if we only focused on what we CAN control, or on making the day we have EVEN BETTER?

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