April 12, 2012

Stay focused – With The Spirit

Coming back from vacation there can be a lot of distractions.  My mind is still resetting from its peaceful and rejuvenating mode that is was in while I was away…and then all these things start to bombard me as soon as I get back.

Emails that have piled up (lots).

Projects that are past due at work (didn’t get a chance to finish them before I left).

Co-workers who want to come into my office and chat and chat and chat.

People who didn’t follow up on things like they were supposed to while I was away.

It really starts to affect not only my work life, but my home life as well.

That nice vacation that I was just on, I now have completely forgotten.  My stress level starts to go up again because I think I have all these things that I need to do and I can’t seem to get any of them done.

Sound familiar?

I have lived this story almost every time I go on vacation.

But I have recently been able to make a change.

And here’s how – I let the Holy Spirit guide me.

Whoa dude – the Holy Spirit?!?

Yes, Holy Spirit.

I have only recently begun to understand (if you can even understand it!) the Holy Spirit and how it can affect my life.

By allowing the Holy Spirit to guide my thoughts and my direction, by recognizing that the Holy Spirit is around me always, by allowing the Holy Spirit to guide my life, I have actually begun to experience a peace that I haven’t had before.  Now before you stop reading and think that there is no way that this could happen for me, let alone you, I want you to know that I still struggle with it all.  I don’t put my FAITH into what the Holy Spirit can do, even though I have seen it and experienced it.

I recently picked up a copy of Jim Cymbala’s latest book called “Spirit Rising, Tapping into the Power of the Holy Spirit”  (Francis Chan by the way also writes and speaks frequently on the Holy Spirit).  Here is his book is described on the jacket cover:

“You can have regular devotions, great preaching, a strong emphasis on the Bible, a great worship team, and a congregation that is trying, but if you aren’t vitally in touch with God’s Spirit, you are missing out on the life God has for you. The Holy Spirit, he points out, is God’s agent on earth.  Yet he is the least understood, least preached about, and least discussed member of the Trinity. That is sad, because without him, our spiritual lives will always become dry, mechanical, and a struggle.”

I am writing this post today to encourage you to listen to the Holy Spirit – or at least TRY to listen.

I don’t have a magic formula for you on how to do this in your life, but I DO know that when I allow the Spirit to work in my life, being a Real Christian Business Man in the workplace becomes much much easier.

Have you ever experienced the Holy Spirit in your life?

One Comment on “Stay focused – With The Spirit

Dan Kopp
April 13, 2012 at 6:12 am

Solid post Don. I think everyone can relate to your struggles with the post-vacation avalanche of things to do that we all experience at work. Being Spirit-led in what to do first and what to ignore is HUGE. Great thoughts!


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